Never Say Never November Goals

Usually on Fridays, I post “Faith and Fitness” motivational phrases.  However, today is the first Friday of the month so I will be posting my goals for this month instead.  Hopefully, it will be motivational to someone! Smile


This month I am truly grateful to be alive.  Yesterday, I ran for the first time since the surgery!!! Woohoo!!! I ran again today.  There’s a blog post in there somewhere but I want to wait until I get a week’s worth of runs in to provide good advice for my fellow hysterrunners.

Although I can run, I know that my body is still not ready for long distances.  I also need to get back to a normal schedule.  I go back to work on Monday so I need to balance work, motherhood, and my fitness goals while my body still heals.  That being said here are my fitness goals for this month.

  1. Running – This month I am aiming for 10 miles a week.  This is less than what I was up to before the surgery but more than I have done for the past six weeks.  I’m aiming for 3 days a week – at least one with my Twilight Tuesday BGR group.
  2. #LungesforLeftovers – Girls Gone Sporty has a cool challenge this month.  They’re encouraging us to “Earn our Thanksgiving Leftovers” by doing as many lunges each day as you can.  I can do 20 right now – 10 on each side.  I want to maintain or increase this number if possible.
  3. Strength Training – I wrote a previous post about my upper body exercises.  I will be increasing from 3 sets of reps to 4 this month at least 3 times per week.
  4. Aqua Aerobics – I’m slowly moving in to cross-training.  No Zumba or Bikram Yoga or anything else high impact/energy other than running until my body has healed a bit more.  However, my doctor said I can workout in the pool since it’s low impact.  I have signed up for Aqua Aerobics on Wednesday evenings.  It doesn’t start until November 14th which gives me time to get used to running regularly first.

november promise

The motivational poster above was my inspiration to write down my goals.  I also have goals for work and my family, etc… just like I am sure you do. What are your goals for this month? Drop me a line to let me know!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Nic
    Nov 13, 2012 @ 20:40:17

    Loving lunges for leftovers!


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