Today is a once in a lifetime day.  In fact, it is the last alliteration day for 100 years.  With all that is going on in my life, I felt it was only fitting to discuss health goals for the next 100 years.

Causes of Death 1900 - 2010

Causes of Death 1900 – 2010

To know your future, you need to know your past.  So here is a table that shows the top causes of death at the turn of the century compared to now.  The top 5 causes of death then were: 1) Pneumonia and influenza; 2) Tuberculosis;  3) Diarrhea; 4) Heart disease: and, 5) Stroke.  We have succeeded in reducing causes of death from natural causes greatly.  There are even diseases which caused death in 1900 which we have almost eradicated today.  However, heart disease and stroke are still major killers now joined by cancer.

In the 1950s, my mother had Scarlet Fever.  Scarlet Fever killed many but not my mom.  She is one that survived.  However, it damaged her heart making her susceptible to heart disease as she grew older.  Most people today have never been exposed to Scarlet Fever thanks to the medical miracles of the last century.  Heart damage due to communicable diseases is rare today.

Doctors in 1912 looked to a future where communicable diseases would be eradicated and there was a cure for cancer.  Much has been done since then in eliminating diseases with vaccinations, etc.  However, we now know that heart disease  can be prevented with healthier lifestyles.  I hope that everyone will embrace fitness as a way of eradicating heart disease.  This will be good for both your immediate and the world’s long-term future.

The average life expectancy in 1912 was 47 years old; today it’s 78.7 years old!  We are definitely living longer.  It is my hope that by the year 2112, the life expectancy is 112 years old or longer! (Purely selfish reasons – my son will be 112 in 2112!)

What steps can you take to embrace a healthier lifestyle today?  Eat a vegetable with lunch.  Have fruit for a snack instead of a donut.  Drink more water.  Get up from the computer and walk around.  Whatever you do, start today!

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