December Goals Check-in

I’ve had a hard time composing today’s post. Like everyone else, the tragedy in Newtown has had an  effect on me. I both used to teach K-2 and have a son who happens to be autistic. All of the discussions in the past few days leave me with a heavy heart. I pray for all of the families who lost someone and the community of Newtown as a whole. I also pray for those affected by gun violence everywhere – in Oregon, in Chicago, in Baltimore. As I mentioned in a tweet on Friday, I hope this serves as a FINAL wake up call for gun control & violence prevention. We need to stop hitting the snooze button on this discussion.


Image thanks to The Larson Lingo blog.

That being said, I’m going to try to update you all briefly on my progress so far this month.

Running – Although I ended my RunStreak, I’ve still exceeded my 10 miles a week goal. Week 1- 15.7 miles, Week 2- 15.4 miles

Upper Body – Fail thus far.  But, I downloaded an upper arms app for my phone and will be doing a circuit tonight.

Elf4Health – I was just assigned a new elf.  I look forward to getting to know her this week. (Hi Kaleigh!)

Race Goals – I’ve been accepted into the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler in DC in April. My next blog post will share my races for 2013.

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Rock N Roll Philly Half Marathon

Race # 10September 15, 2013
Aiming for a PR!
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