Happy Birthday to Me!


Five months ago, I headed to the hospital to have a total abdominal hysterectomy.  Due to an issue with a perforated uterus and a couple of other details, the TAH was the only type of surgical option available to me for my procedure. Several hours, numerous fibroids, and two thankfully benign but large tumors later, I woke up in a morphine & Dilaudid haze. My FB friends can attest to the interesting status update which I posted from the hospital. LOL!

Over the past five months, I have learned a lot about myself and my family. I was still relatively new to running when I was sidelined. Being on bedrest, I craved running. I even had a girlfriend drive me to the Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival expo so I could be near runners. An excursion which had me whipped the whole next day. But when I was able to run again, a HYSTERRUNNER was born. From my first mile to now being able to run 15-20 miles per week, I have felt myself grow as a runner and as a person learning about my limits and pushing through them. Slowly but surely!

Today is my birthday. My hysterectomy saved me from a life of hemmorhaging. Becoming a hysterrunner as a result has helped me to rediscover me. Next weekend, I will celebrate my second chance at life by running in my first Ten Miler Race with the Road Runners of Baltimore. My word for this year is serene. It is from a place of true serenity that I say:

Thank you God for my life and for the lessons I learn as a hysterrunner!


Three things I LOVE!

Of course, I love myself first. If I didn’t, then nothing else would matter. It is because I love myself that I am aware of the three things I love the most.

Family– My husband and my son truly are my heart.  I focus on getting better every day so that I can be the best I can be for them.


I come from a decent sized family.  Talking to any of them – my parents, sisters, brother, cousins, etc – is usually a joy and a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

Faith – I can do everything through my God who strengthens me.  Battling back from my hysterectomy has taken a lot of faith that I would heal.  Daily prayer and going to Mass regularly helps me to remain connected to God.  I hope that sharing “Faith & Fitness Fridays” with you helps you to connect as well.

Fitness – I may not be an elite athlete.  But, I truly love becoming that FIT CHICK.  Whether I am running, doing Water Aerobics, or shaking it in a Zumba class, I love pushing my limits and getting physically back to the way I used to be.  I have been enjoying this journey back to fitness and look forward to the next stage.  Speaking about running…


The guys over at the runchat have asked this week for us to post things you love about running.  So to elaborate on one of my 3 things I love, here are the things I love about being a HYSTERRUNNER!

  • I can run! It doesn’t have to be fast or far.  But, I can do it.  I have come back from 0 miles/week to just under 20!
  • It has helped me recover.  Being in decent shape because of running helped me to manage pain better immediately after my surgery.  Getting back to running post-surgery has helped me get my body back.  Slowly but surely!
  • I don’t need much equipment to do it.  A good sportsbra & my Sauconys are all I need.  Of course, being that I run mostly outdoors, I have invested in some tech gear/cold gear/etc.  But I can just get out there and run – anywhere, anytime, anyhow!
  • It’s the one thing I have TOTAL CONTROL OVER!!!  My body still has its issues.  I don’t always know when I wake up if my incisions will twitch or if I will have swelly belly and not be able to fit in what I thought I could wear to work that day.  But I do know that if I get out and run even a little bit, I feel better mentally and spiritually which is better for both my FAMILY and my FAITH.
  • I love the running community.  The online community helped me to focus when I was lying in bed recovering and could barely walk much less run.  My Black Girls Run group encourages me and pushes me to run even when I am not sure what my capabilities are.  My Road Runners Crew is always there with tips, tricks, etc.  My offline running friends are always there with personal support.

So there you have it – the Three Things I love combined with what I love about running! How’s that for a Valentine’s Day!


Faith & Fitness Friday

“I ran and ran every day, and I acquired this sense of determination, a sense of spirit that I would never, never give up, no matter what else happened. The triumph cannot be had without the struggle.” Wilma Rudolph

I love this quote from Wilma Rudolph.  Her story is so inspiring.  If she could become a champion after overcoming polio.  I can achieve my goals post-hysterectomy. (The lovely ladies at Oiselle have this quote on a shirt which I love to wear.  Check them out!)

This week the awesome Erika at Black Girls Guide to Weight Loss’ Friday Five is dedicated to Five Original Fit Chicks Who Deserve Your Praise, including Rudolph.


Hysterectomy Statistics–Infographic

I wanted to share some basic hysterectomy facts with you.  But, I didn’t want to bore you with a really long list of statistics written in research-ese.  If you want that version of the facts, visit the CDC website for Hysterectomy.

To give you the facts, I have created my first infographic.  It’s a pretty simple one and because I’m not that graphic arts savvy it only has a few key points.  But, I think it gets my point across.  Here you go –

hysterrunner facts

Are you a runner or avid exerciser who has had a hysterectomy?  Do you know any one who is?  Let them know about this blog.  I’m interested in learning about others’ experiences as they regain their fitness post-hysterectomy.

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