Happy Birthday to Me!


Five months ago, I headed to the hospital to have a total abdominal hysterectomy.  Due to an issue with a perforated uterus and a couple of other details, the TAH was the only type of surgical option available to me for my procedure. Several hours, numerous fibroids, and two thankfully benign but large tumors later, I woke up in a morphine & Dilaudid haze. My FB friends can attest to the interesting status update which I posted from the hospital. LOL!

Over the past five months, I have learned a lot about myself and my family. I was still relatively new to running when I was sidelined. Being on bedrest, I craved running. I even had a girlfriend drive me to the Under Armour Baltimore Running Festival expo so I could be near runners. An excursion which had me whipped the whole next day. But when I was able to run again, a HYSTERRUNNER was born. From my first mile to now being able to run 15-20 miles per week, I have felt myself grow as a runner and as a person learning about my limits and pushing through them. Slowly but surely!

Today is my birthday. My hysterectomy saved me from a life of hemmorhaging. Becoming a hysterrunner as a result has helped me to rediscover me. Next weekend, I will celebrate my second chance at life by running in my first Ten Miler Race with the Road Runners of Baltimore. My word for this year is serene. It is from a place of true serenity that I say:

Thank you God for my life and for the lessons I learn as a hysterrunner!


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  1. hystericalrunner
    Feb 20, 2013 @ 09:44:15

    Congratulations and many happy miles! Hysterectomy takes but it also gives. It may take some of the dreams you had for your future but it also makes the true future painless and, I think, improved. I am happy that you feel so positive after the operation and I wish you a serene and wonderful year ahead.


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