Faith and Fitness Friday–Run with God

I came across this wonderful inspirational essay and had to share a part of it with you.  The original essay was written by Theodore J. Sanborn on November 7th, 2010.  It can be found at Listening for God.

I have been trying to work on my prayer time, especially while I’m running.  This essay reminded me that I may not be the only one!

The majority of people in our culture claim they don’t have time to run, and the other half say they don’t have time to pray. Although multi-tasking usually lowers our level of performance for each activity, the idea of praying while running might actually help us more fully achieve our goals in both areas.

Think about that – multitasking in a good way.  The author goes on to describe his “conversations with God” which helped him to get through half-marathon training.  He says that:

When we choose to engage him in prayer during our run we might achieve an even higher state of happiness – a natural state of joy in the presence of God without the persistent intrusions that might otherwise exist when we pray.

Then, he goes on to describe the ACTS Prayer Model which he uses in his running routine.

A for Adoration (Praise): Think about God’s majesty, power, and goodness. The Psalms are full of beautiful descriptions and images that you can freely appropriate.
C for Confession: Admit to God your faults. You might want to make sure that this part of the prayer, if not the whole prayer, is said silently, so as not to distract other runners.
T for Thanks: Give thanks to God for what he has done for you – health, family, etc. You could fill a complete ½ marathon thinking of things to be grateful for once you put your mind to it.
S for Supplication: Finally, after recognizing God and your own condition, you are now spiritually prepared to make requests to God for specific types of intervention.

He suggests breaking your run into 4 parts and focusing on each part of the prayer during the 4 parts of the run.  I plan on doing this on my long runs from now on.

What do you do to combine your prayer and running worlds?

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