Bladder Infections after Hysterectomy

OK, so this may be a bit TMI.  But I’m dealing with a bladder infection.  I expected to have to deal with one shortly after my hysterectomy not 11 months post-op but…

Anyway, it seems as though this is not unusual.  What is a problem for me is being a runner who likes to stay hydrated and then tries to run.  The result isn’t a fun feeling.

My symptoms started last week with frequent urges to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night with barely anything to pass.  It then became full out running to the bathroom after drinking only a few ounces of water.  This is a problem as I usually drink between 32-64 ozs of water a day.


My doctor prescribed antibiotics which I picked up on my way to the track for speed work on Thursday evening.  I took the first pill and tried to run.  No bueno!  I was supposed to do 4 x 600m.  After the warmup and first 400m, I ran to the PortaPotty.  YUCK!!! I ended up walking for the majority of the workout just to get the workout in and avoid having to go back in that thing.

I was doing better by the time of my LSD on Saturday morning.  Because I run/walk using the Galloway method, every time I stopped to walk the slight urge went away.  I also think the fact that it was early in the morning before I had the bulk of my water helped.

But after my LSD, I went into SuperMom mode – Walmart & Target for school supplies, housework, drove to NY to check on my folks then back the next day.  I still went to work on Monday and Tuesday like was expected.  By last night, my body was ready to shut down and did.  No tempo run for me.

I forgot that my body needs a little more time to battle infections.  Instead, I was in bed at 7pm.  After a good night’s sleep, I’m back at work and ready for the world.

How do you remember to listen to your body?  What is your ah-ha moment when it comes to recovery from illness or injury?

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