This month, I am participating in the Move Nourish Believe Blogger challenge sponsored by Lorna Jane with #SweatPink ambassadors.  The first week focused on different ways to MOVE!  This new challenge was a good way for me to transition from #SexyShred back into my normal healthy eating and exercise routine while up with my fitness and weight loss goals.  Each week day from February 3-21 there is a different challenge to do and then post your progress on Instagram and Twitter.  The first week challenged us to MOVE in different ways.  Here’s my recap.

Day 1 – 2/3: Sweat It Out

2014-02-03 22.32.17

My new favorite way to sweat is doing my ab work as I rebuild my core.  Here’s a pic in the middle of my crunch time with the exercise ball at the gym.

Day 2 – 2/4: Change it up!

2014-02-04 21.38.14

I kept my body guessing that night.  First off, the last #SexyShred circuit followed by an easy neighborhood run with the Twilight Tuesday crew. Then, I came home to do some boxing burpees courtesy of Shauna Harrison and ended with a post-run yoga series suggested by the #MNBChallenge crew.

Day 3 – 2/5: Let’s get planking!

2014-02-05 20.22.07

This was by far my most proud moment of the week.  I have hated planks for a while.  30 seconds at a time is usually my limit.  The challenge was to do 5 minutes of planks throughout the day.  I got 2 minutes done in 30 second intervals.  Then, I got on the exercise ball to attempt a few more planks.  Soon after I began, I got a call which I answered.  I talked and planked.  When I hung up, I had surpassed my goal! Longest planks ever! AWESOME!

Day 4 – 2/6: Buddy up!

2014-02-06 22.06.12

Workout with a fitness buddy! Woohoo! Dawn & I both did a circuit on Tuesday and did speed work together on the track on Thursday. (Side note, I am so tired of frozen finger runs! Spring, please come soon!)

Day 5 – 2/7: Fave Friday!

2014-01-12 12.08.29

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again! The Fab 4 is instrumental for my fitness progress.  We hold each other accountable.  They are but one of my five fitness favorites.  You can read more about my Running Ingredients here.

I ended the week still moving by participating in the Baltimore Road Runner’s Club Valentine’s 10K Race.  It wasn’t my best race but it was definitely fun!

2014-02-08 17.43.13

The second week is all about how you can NOURISH your body.  I’m looking forward to some yummy challenges.

How did you MOVE last week? What is your favorite way to sweat?

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