My Running Ingredients

Sarah & Dimity over at Another Mother Runner asked a great question this week.  What are the five key ingredients of your running? The elements that “define your running journey.” I responded on their site but I wanted to share my ingredients with you here as well.

1. The Fab 4 ~ Dawn, Khusana & Joy with me. They make long runs go fast!

2013-10-12 13.58.06
2. Saucony running shoes – I’m on my 3rd pair for the year. I keep testing other brands but always come back to my Sauconys.
3. Cool running socks – Toe socks, socks with cool sayings, wool winter running socks, compression socks for long runs. You name a type of sock, I probably have them!

2013-12-13 20.55.32
4. Compression tights or a girdle under regular tights and shorts – I’ve been rebuilding my core strength since my hysterectomy. But on long runs, I still need the added support.
5. My family – without them to encourage me, there are times when I might have given up on my aim to hit 13 in 2013 this year.

What are your 5 ingredients for running? Tell me below in the comments. Or better yet, enter the drawing on Another Mother Runner and place a link for your entry here with your list!

Motivational Monday July 29 2013

Today’s Motivational Monday thought from Run Find Your Happy Pace is spot on! Coming back from illness or injury, it may be even harder to commit or recommit to living healthy. Once you do, it really is AWESOME!

Run Find Your Happy Pace

Making the commitment to living healthy whether its your diet or excercise can be challenging at first.

Especially for those who have never been active before.  But it really is true…living a healthy life is awesome.

” I prefer AWESOME!”

You don’t have to be perfect but you do have to start.

 Be your own awesome!


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Wordless Wednesday

Rolling deep with BGR before our 10 mile long run!


Three things I LOVE!

Of course, I love myself first. If I didn’t, then nothing else would matter. It is because I love myself that I am aware of the three things I love the most.

Family– My husband and my son truly are my heart.  I focus on getting better every day so that I can be the best I can be for them.


I come from a decent sized family.  Talking to any of them – my parents, sisters, brother, cousins, etc – is usually a joy and a blessing that I don’t take for granted.

Faith – I can do everything through my God who strengthens me.  Battling back from my hysterectomy has taken a lot of faith that I would heal.  Daily prayer and going to Mass regularly helps me to remain connected to God.  I hope that sharing “Faith & Fitness Fridays” with you helps you to connect as well.

Fitness – I may not be an elite athlete.  But, I truly love becoming that FIT CHICK.  Whether I am running, doing Water Aerobics, or shaking it in a Zumba class, I love pushing my limits and getting physically back to the way I used to be.  I have been enjoying this journey back to fitness and look forward to the next stage.  Speaking about running…


The guys over at the runchat have asked this week for us to post things you love about running.  So to elaborate on one of my 3 things I love, here are the things I love about being a HYSTERRUNNER!

  • I can run! It doesn’t have to be fast or far.  But, I can do it.  I have come back from 0 miles/week to just under 20!
  • It has helped me recover.  Being in decent shape because of running helped me to manage pain better immediately after my surgery.  Getting back to running post-surgery has helped me get my body back.  Slowly but surely!
  • I don’t need much equipment to do it.  A good sportsbra & my Sauconys are all I need.  Of course, being that I run mostly outdoors, I have invested in some tech gear/cold gear/etc.  But I can just get out there and run – anywhere, anytime, anyhow!
  • It’s the one thing I have TOTAL CONTROL OVER!!!  My body still has its issues.  I don’t always know when I wake up if my incisions will twitch or if I will have swelly belly and not be able to fit in what I thought I could wear to work that day.  But I do know that if I get out and run even a little bit, I feel better mentally and spiritually which is better for both my FAMILY and my FAITH.
  • I love the running community.  The online community helped me to focus when I was lying in bed recovering and could barely walk much less run.  My Black Girls Run group encourages me and pushes me to run even when I am not sure what my capabilities are.  My Road Runners Crew is always there with tips, tricks, etc.  My offline running friends are always there with personal support.

So there you have it – the Three Things I love combined with what I love about running! How’s that for a Valentine’s Day!


My word/motto for 2013



The awesome blogger and runner rUnladylike posed this question – What word do you want to define your 2013? Our family has decided that our motto would be “All is serene in 2013.”  When I thought about it, I want that to be my defining word as well.

Serene means calm, peaceful, and untroubled.  With all of the medical issues that I had last year as well as those with others in my extended family, 2012 was anything but serene.  We are aiming to approach our challenges this year with serenity.

When I run, especially when I run long, I enjoy the calm, peace and serenity I feel from being in nature.  The picture above was taken in a place called Serenity Lake.  It reminds me of a few of the places where I have run.  In fact, I started and ended my 6 mile run last weekend next to one of my favorite lakes.  It looks sort of like this one in the spring and summer months.

I intend to approach my challenges this year as serene as possible.  Hopefully, I won’t end up yelling like George Costanza – SERENITY NOW!!! LOL!

Have you chosen a word to define you this year?  Does your family aim to live by a motto?



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