T minus 2 months until MY FIRST MARATHON!

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to dedicate consistent time to this blog.  This summer has been rewarding and busy.  My family even had the chance of a lifetime to visit Rome and embark on a Mediterranean Cruise.  We came back just in time to prepare to go back to school this week.  However, despite the busy-ness, I have been maintaining my training plan for the Marine Corps Marathon. 

Today marks exactly TWO MONTHS until I #RunWithTheMarines! I am so excited and scared at the same time. Over the past few months, I’ve been dealing with a weird pain in my shin area.  It turns out that I have an anterior shin splint.  I’ve been evaluated by an Orthopedist and so far I can still run.  We are working on a plan to keep me running without serious injury.  One good thing is that I already use the Galloway Run/Walk method and was using his training plan as well.  In the plan, after a high mileage long run (18+ miles) the following two long runs are shorter distances (6-8 miles max).  So your body gets time to recover before you increase the mileage again.  I’m already up to 20 miles which is where some training plans max out.  I won’t be attempting 22 for a few weeks.

Here I am after I completed 20 miles on the NCR trail. I turned around at the 10 mile mark for an out and back.

Here I am after I completed 20 miles on the NCR trail. I turned around at the 10 mile mark for an out and back.

I am looking forward to being able to call myself a Marathon Mama in 2 months!  Crosstraining and listening to my body will allow me to do that.

How has your training gone this summer? Have you been able to maintain your fitness? Did you get some vacation time?

Faith and Fitness Routine

november 2013 routineAs we begin a new month, I would like to share my current fitness routine with you.  It is what is working for me right now and feasible to do with work travel and the upcoming holidays.

A good workout routine is one that should allow you to grow both physically and spiritually.  This month Faith and Fitness Magazine is celebrating their 60th issue! Quite an accomplishment! The editor’s page speaks about the qualities of a good routine.  I am sharing portions of it here.  Please feel free to visit the magazine to read the entire article as well as all of the articles in this month’s issue.  Here are the ‘routine’ characteristics evident in “a good physical workout, an intentional lifestyle and in the very core of our spiritual design – your faith.”

DETERMINATION AND PERSISTENCE – What is your “Don’t give up” attitude? That is the strength when no one else stands with you. It is the hope that drives you to go forward and go hard beyond reasoning, popular consensus and even obligation.

LISTENING AND LEARNING – This is your capacity to take every experience in every moment and process it into a God-given opportunity to grow. It is fueled by persistent humility and eagerness to discover and apply. You do this best when you realize that to be like God is to be free from the narrow limits that control and destroy.

CONFIDENCE AND BARING – These are markers placed throughout routine to guide us. They are the tried and tested that give us familiarity and assurance. These qualities provide a recognizable spiritual genetic fingerprint to the repeating but continually evolving journey.

MEASUREMENT AND DEFINITION – Maybe you can feel it and sense it. But are the changes and strength really there? Routine gives us the needed parameters to achieve and define progress and growth with measurable results. There is no vagueness only clarity. Your physical fitness can be measured in health and muscular definition. Similarly you can taste and see God’s blessings and guidance.

EVALUATION AND VISIONING – Finally, no routine is ever complete and simply begun again without the important processes of reflection and anticipation. God gives us others because this isn’t meant to be a solitary experience. It is usually not without some pain but it is most certainly intended to be brimming with hope. Routines are documented, sometimes poorly, hopefully well and with detail. Take time to review the experiences, conversations, notes, emails, prayers and journals — everything in your routine that now becomes a new layer to your life. This is your new skin, fresh cells created so you can Be Life in new ways like you’ve never been able to before.

– Faith & Fitness Magazine ~ Brad Bloom, Oct/Nov 2013

December 2012 Goals

December is one of my favorite months of the year! It is now Advent, a time to be still, reflect, and prepare. Sometimes the preparations get dwarfed as everyone goes straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I try to make sure to celebrate each season individually.

I usually spend a lot of time focusing on my family and our holiday traditions in December. Even when I don’t want it to, it can get overwhelming at times.  Since I don’t want any health setbacks, I really intend to stay focused more on my family and traditions inside my home while saying NO to pressures outside my house. I also plan on keeping up with my health and fitness goals for both my recovery and sanity. That being said, here are my goals for this month:

1. Running – I’m aiming for 10 miles a week again. I slowly have increased my runs back to about 3 miles each. This month I start training with the Road Runners for a mid- Winter 10 miler. Hopefully, in following the plan, I will be able to hit this goal. Plus as a part of the Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak, I am aiming to do at least a Mile a Day for this month so I should definitely be able to get my mileage up. My Mile a Day challenge is what I’m doing for the #DecemberDoubleDown challenge for Girls Gone Sporty this month. You can join me!

2. Upper body – I’m going to try to work my upper body at least 2 times a week not counting Water Aerobics.

3. Elf4Health – If you haven’t noticed the logo on the right, I am doing the Elf4Health challenge from Nutritionella this month as well. Each day there are small steps to take which are good for your own health. Today’s task was to track your fiber intake and aim for 14 grams for every 1000 calories consumed. I got 20 grams of fiber! Tomorrow’s task is to eat a salad and make your own dressing. I’ve already put together a salad in a jar for tomorrow’s lunch. Yummy!

4. Race Goals – I will be finalizing my 2013 races and registering for them. I plan on running at least one race per month in 2013 because I can. There are many women who are more sick than I ever was who can’t walk or run much less race. I will be dedicating my races to them.

What are your health and fitness goals this month?


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